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NEW NORMAL - COUNTER SHIELD In our new normal life, we put health and safety in great consideration. There are ways to make everyone feel safe and convenient. One of them is providing a counter shield at your business place. Counter Shield is needed as a precaution way to prevent direct touch between our staff and customers. This is also becoming a branding tool. You can promote your new product along with interesting design. Save space for any tent card or wobbler at your cashier desk. The material used is go-green material; PP Board 5 mm. So let’s take a look for some choices of sizes and models! Grab yourself one people..........
Need a sign on your cashier desk? Put this tent card on :) Available in several choices of material depends on budget and needs. Watch for more...@branding.corner
Butuh Ide Buat Poster....???? German Flex Banner often named as German Flexy is one of the favorite materials for poster. It has soft surface, better printed color, thickness of avg 540 gsm so very durable. We will show you how it can be used as a poster on your wall. This is a more saving cost material than using canvas as your decor. In other terms, it is also used for tripod banner poster and roll up banner poster.
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